Book of Memories for Demareon Dodson Book of Memories for Demareon Dodson Recent updates for the Book of Memories Frontrunner Professional Book of Memories V4 en-gb Condolence From Jeremiah white Condolences Fri, 30 Dec 2022 09:16:36 EST Story shared: my classmate and the family this is jeremiah white from riverdale ga i went to mount zion high school with him and we graduation the same school year 2019 he was a really great friend of mines i remember when we were talking in school and on the cell phone like texting each other . the last  words he text me on my cell phone was i love you and he was getting a hair cut   and i had text him and told him that i can sing and some reason he text me the same text message i sent him   if yall need anything please contact me at 470-651-9893 or email me at and i brought his mom and his girlfriend some roses and a card of the death of my classmate demareon dodson . i love yall and he will be trully miss by us and the mount zion high school family

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Story shared: best friend demareon dodson i really miss him    the funeral service was really nice today i really enjoy it...   i will keep the family in my prayers   i brought his mom some roses and his girlfriend some rosees and cards     u are going to be trulty miss by the mount zion high school fanily   otw back home i cried because he always been there for me in school    i love you   so much. god blessed you   

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